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So I have an issue with pricing on a septic pump epidemic that recently happened. My brother in law is a plumber and lives with my wife and I. We are renting a place that doesn’t have very good plumbing. Today when my BIL got back from work, he hopped in the shower to only have it flood with piss and shit. After his 8 hour shift, he had to dig through the backyard, lift these two giant concrete slabs to reveal the septic tank. The septic tank had a “fatberg” of baby wipes, tampon applicators, condoms, toys, etc. He and I worked with our bare hands shoveling this mattress sized mass ( probably 6 inches thick and 5 by 5 ft in a square shape) out for 4 straight hours to fix the plumbing. My landlord had mentioned how he has had plumbing issues in the past due to past tenants flushing wipes and items mentioned above.

My questions is: What should I ask for compensation? I’m not sure of any of the cost of this stuff. My brother in law is saying it varies greatly due to it being after hours, no pump trunk available for use, no way for the truck to get in hour hilly backyard, and the hours needed to handle it. He is saying it would probably be 400-600$ depending on who’s writing the invoice. My landlord has always been fair and nice, and I want to show him the same respect.

As a sidenote: I pay quite a few months in advance for rent which will translate to me bringing him a check for 9600$ tomorrow for rent while I bring this situation to his attention. Normally, I wouldn’t have done anything affecting the land or plumbing without his consent and knowledge, but it was a bit of an emergency that arose around 8:00 pm which I believe is too late to bother people you are not close with. (Also he and his wife are 70+ in age).

TL&DR:: How much should I charge my landlord for having to conduct an emergency septic tank pump at a late hour (abnormal to business hours)?

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