Universal Rundle/Sears/Carefree/Milwaukee Shower Leaking

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Universal Rundle/Sears/Carefree/Milwaukee Shower Leaking

Hello, first time posting after a suggestion from friends. I have apparently some knock off Delta 600 series Valve Assembly in the wall (Pic Related).


Currently it is leaking through the tub spout at the bottom at a worrying rate and before the water bill arrives I am attempting to DIY fix it myself before I have to call a plumber.

Any suggestions on how to resolve it?

What I have done is replace the cartridge as I was able to find the last one in a very specific plumbing store (Pic Related)


And it is still leaking!

Do I suck it up and call someone or any other suggestion on how to at least plug up the system so I can wait on tearing the wall down and replacing the entire valve body assembly?

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