looking for minimum room depth needed, for an elongated bowl toilet. high tank toilets a legit option? what about corner toilets?

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good afternoon,

renovating the bathroom with maximum usability by my mobility challenged folks’ in mind.

the room is only 5′ wide, but plenty long. due to plumbing being in one of the long walls, i’m trying to find a toilet that intrudes the least into the bathroom, while still offering a full sized elongated seat.

are high tank toilets a legit option? i only see them listed on “renovation” websites, and for +$800. i’ve seen models where the fill pipe is in the wall, so the commode can back all the way up to the wall. relocating the closet bend is part of the plan. are most high tank toilets just a regular commode and then a spud to accept the high fill pipe?

there’s not room in the wall for a recessed carrier tank, but could i use a wall hung toilet in combination with a high tank?

another option is a corner toilet, since that will angle the bowl into the room and increase the clearance between the edge of the commode and the opposite wall. any of you guys install one of those?

please, benevolent reddit plumbers, tell me what solution i’m missing 🙂

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