Is this a sewer cleanout?

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Is this a sewer cleanout?

Hi all,

I just moved into my house a few months ago and now we are suddenly having tons of flooding problems. Every time we run water upstairs a drain in our basement floor (that we didn’t even know was there until the carpet covering it was suddenly damp… thanks previous owners) backs up, and so does the basement toilet and the basement sink. We had inches of standing water the other night, it was awful. Our home warranty company sent out a plumber and he spent about 2 mins glancing around the basement, and then the same time glancing outside. He then said that we probably had tree roots growing into the main sewer line and we would have to install a sewer cleanout (because he didn’t see one) and then use that to empty the blockage (he said the other option would be to go through the toilet inside but, because the outside pipes are six inches in diameter and the indoor pipes are three inches in diameter, that could break the clay pipes and not even clear the blockage and force us to do the sewer cleanout option anyway). He said this would be $3,200, and the warranty company said none of it was covered.

I did some research and talked to my realtor who was surprised that he spent so little time looking around for the cleanout. He asked me to look in the basement and I found this (picture attached), is this a sewer cleanout? After doing some research I understand that it is not uncommon for older houses (mine was built in 1959) to have sewer cleanouts inside, but I’m not sure just by looking at this. If it is, could the blockage be cleaned through here maybe? Would it be less messy and risky than the toilet? Or am I looking at my only option being installing the cleanout outside?

Thanks so much!

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