I’m just not cut out for this anymore.

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Long story short I thought I could do this.

For nearly five years I’ve been in the plumbing service industry with one company. I started out great, worked my way up to making $30/HR.

Recently I just haven’t been at my peak performance. I keep forgetting things. I keep losing my tools, parts, etc. Today I left a job where nobody was home while working with the contractor. I had to trim out a basement bathroom. Turned off the isolation valves to the second floor we installed previously to not have to drain the entire house. I forgot to turn them back on and got a nasty call from the boss after the home owners got home.

He made a point. I’m fucking up a lot recently. He said this mistake makes us look like an embarrassment.

To top it off, last week I blacked out in traffic and rear ended someone. That was the tipping point for me. I don’t think I can handle this career path anymore. I’ve gained 50lbs eating garbage since I miss most my lunches, my body is breaking down, my back, neck, shoulders knees are always killing me.

I know I’m probably getting fired eventually, but it won’t be now since I’m the only one besides the apprentice and boss.

I have house that I’ve only lived in a year, a new car payment. I know financially I’m fucked. Nobody will hire me with the accident on my record. I’ve thought of some awful thoughts if shit really hits the fan.

I’m 33 years old. I’ve had a good run.

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