Hot water for outdoor shed

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I want to run hot water for an outdoor shed that is 40 feet away from my house. It’s a 10×12 shed primarily used for the dog kennel. It will have a outdoor shower on the side of it for two reasons; to rinse off before and after the pool, and to shower before entering the house on particularly grimy days at work. It will also have a dog bathtub for bathing the dogs.

I’m trying to determine the best way of handling this. I’m worried that there’ll be a lot of energy waste and heat loss if I run both hot and cold underground to the shed. But installing tankless heat would also be overkill. My thought was a 10 gallon water heater but that would mean running gas there too. But maybe a 10 gallon electric? I have an 8 gauge wire electrical breaker box on the shed and the only thing running off it are a few lights, outlets, and a ductless mini split to cool the place in summer. The ductless just draws 2 amps so that’s not a energy concern.

Or maybe someone has an simpler solution? Going without hot water isn’t a solution lol.

To;dr: Outdoor shed 40’ away Has 60A circuit with plenty to spare 1 5-7 minute shower a day max Can run gas or just use electric Can run hot water off existing water heater and bury it Looking for most efficient options

Thanks in advance

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