Who the bleep seals a plumbing stack and cleanout behind a wall and cabinets???

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NAP but I dream of being a plumber in my next life. Seriously, it fascinates me. I have such respect for plumbers that know their stuff.

So we had this mysterious leak that destroyed the kitchen. No expert could figure it out. The kitchen was ripped to the studs today. I asked the guys if they cut this perfect circle in the drywall before tearing it out. Nope. But through the plastic window in the abatement plastico I can see it. http://imgur.com/a/sEJxdLi Exactly where I was sure the leak came from because I was the one standing there when water poured out under the toekick. Sink never backed up, but everything I put down the disposal was in the pool so I knew it was the drain line. The cabinets were installed when the home was built (1976), completely covering a white cleanout cap in white drywall, no hole in cabinet.

The three plumbers and water leak expert that have been through here all scratched their heads. I’ve no interest in calling any of them back for the final repair. They all, plus the insurance adjuster, said we must install a cleanout before rebuilding. Nobody wondered if one could be hidden where I kept saying the plumbing stack must be located. So I assume we just need to add an access and not cover it with new cabinets.

Anyhow, I can’t get in yet to see it up close but with everything ripped out it’s obvious that’s the leak. Not under the slab. Not the dishwasher. Not the neighbors adjoining wall. I’m itching to get in and see what exactly leaked – loose connection?

TLDR; I’m just venting and musing after a chaotic two days of an abatement team ripping out the entire kitchen and 2-4′ of drywall all around it. Won’t have any real plumbing questions until I can get in and see where the leak came from in the stack. And I don’t want a kitchen anymore 😭

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