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TL;DR – is there a way to convert a normal commode to vacuum assisted flush? Are these recommended/ what are the cons?

Owned this home for a year. Last bathroom remodel was mid 90s (assuming). House built in 87, all PVC piping. Went to fix a leaky toilet, found it had a flush valve assembly vs. a flapper, and the previous owner had left water bottles filled with quick cement in there to make them “low flow” (removed). Really not a fan of the flush valves, and I’d like to find a way to add a little more horsepower to the flush- renting 2 rooms out and idk what they do to their bowels but it is seriously unholy. I’d like to give my plumbing a fighting chance. Would vacuum assisted be the way to go? Are there kits to do this, or would I be looking at replacing the entire commode? Thanks in advance

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