Workshop to provide tips to aid pastures

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A June 12 workshop will provide ranchers and other landowners with techniques and practices to keep their pastures greener, healthier and more productive,

Gary Fredricks, a Washington State University Clark County Extension livestock and forage specialist, will discuss methods, costs and equipment to renovate pastures.

Fredricks also will cover reseeding techniques, grass and forage options, and grazing practices to improve pasture and water quality.

Reference materials will be provided to workshop participants, who are invited to bring hay samples with them for help in evaluating their forage’s quality.

The Small Acreage Program, co-sponsored by WSU Clark County Extension and Clark County Public Works’ Clean Water Program, will provide handouts, and answer landowners’ questions at the Pasture Management and Improvements workshop.

The workshop is scheduled for 6 to 9 p.m. June 12 at the La Center Community Center, 1000 E. Fourth St. Cost is $10 per person, plus a $1.49 service fee, and class size is limited. Registration is available online at

For more information, contact Teresa Koper at 564-397-5729, or by email at

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