[Question/Advice] Small drip leak in spa tub

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Short and sweet

Small drip leak in spa tub connection. System does not leak except when the pump is on (system under pressure). Need help with fittings/sourcing/repair advice.

Leaking area is circled in the attached pic.

Drippy drip drip

The flexible PVC is 1.33” diameter on the outside so I guess it’s 1” interior. The threaded area is about 2.27” on the outside depending where you measure. So I assume it’s 2″ threaded to 1 inch something.

I assume I need to unscrew the threaded part (coupling?), cut the flex pvc and then replace the threaded connector and then some how extend the remaining flex pvc to the new coupling.

What’s dis called, yo?

I am having trouble sourcing the threaded coupling (name?) and with understanding how to rejoin things once I cut off the bad connection.

Details on the heater are here in case it’s needed.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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