Fixing a leaking Roman tub faucet

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1st I want to apologize for posting a pricing question, I didnt read the side bar, sorry about that. My house is I believe 15 years old and it came with a Roman tub. It has the original faucet from when it was built. About a month ago the hot water would stay running. Probably, considered a fast trickle, but still it’s no good. I tried replacing the o ring, but to no avail. Turning the handle past the actual stopping point would shut it off, but it is quite difficult and usually does not stop the flow. There is no access to the piping outside of the faucet and handles on top. So how hard is it to replace the faucet and handles? Would removing all the parts connected to the copper piping and replacing them be a fix that would work? I’m not sure we can afford a plumber and I know even the lower price fixtures start around 70 bucks or so. I’m not home, but when I get a chance I’ll post pics if that would help to give an answer. Thanks.

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